New Solar led light

  • Forefront advantage of motion sensor solar wall light is to be changed automatically by solar.
  • It converts solar power into solar panel with the help of sunlight.
  • Solar wall light will not damage the human health even if we touch the lighting beam all the time.
  • Motion sensor solar wall light is driven by solar.
  • They don't need external power supply.
  • And also no need pave complicated cables.
  • It is very stable and reliable to work.

  • Water proof is the best suitable for both outdoor and indoor.
  • It ensures high protection against rainfall.
  • Place this LED light sources without any added expenses.
  • Polysilicon solar panel is an high power efficiency.
  • High light SMD lamp gives bright light output.
  • It can be install on the place that has direct sunlight.
  • There is no electricity required needed for LED solar powered wall light. We can place it on wall or fence.

Benefits of solar lights:

  • It takes light energy from the sun to convert solar energy to electricity.
  • This electricity can be used to ran many applications.
  • The power last for 8 to 10 hours per day if it is in steady mode if fully charged.
  • Solar lights is perfect for garden, decks, stairways, etc.
  • The outdoor solar powered motion sensor light requires no wires and tools. It turn on at night and automatically off in the morning.
  • Solar lights ensures high protection against rainfall.
  •  There are few applications which solar lights can be used  for airports lighting, roadway lighting, park and play ground lighting.
  • Solar lighting system are one of the easiest to be maintained.
  • Solar lights is available in new styles, shapes, sizes etc. 

Solar led light

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