Out Of Stock Oil Combo Pack

Volume: 500 ml + 500 ml
Material Feature: Vegetarian
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil.

Nutrigrand Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest form coconut oil, which is cold pressed from fresh coconuts with all nutrients intact.Coldpressing ensures and retains all vital nutrients, minerals and beneficial enzymes of coconut. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a Miracle oil, as it provides protection to your Health, Skin and Hair. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is great source of laurics, which is found in mothers milk and its rich in anti-oxidants . Extra Virgin Coconut Oil boost your immunity, improve HDL levels (Good Cholesterol). Nutrigrand Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has very mild aroma and flavour you can consume 2 spoons directly. It is also very good for skin care, it’s so mild and pure that is very good for Babies as well. It will nourish your skin. Its Antifungal & Anti-Bacterial. It heals nappy rashes, cuts and bruises. It would give a natural shine to the skin.

Nutrigrand Extra Virgin Sesame Oil is Cold Pressed from the finest premium grade sesame seeds without any refinement, solvents, additives or artificial agents. Sesame oil has got many powerful therapeutic properties due to the presence rich nutrients.The source of these properties are often taken from ancient texts, like Charaka Samhita, Susruta Samhita and Ebers Papyrus (famous ancient papyrus scroll from Ancient Egyptian civilization ).Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant - Sesame oil contains many antioxidants. It does not spoil quickly because of these antioxidant nutrients. Anti-diabetic Anti-depressant - lowers the state of depression.



Oil Combo Pack

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