Truths of Coconut Oil

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Truths of Coconut Oil:

        Coconut Oil is made by extracting it from the coconut “kernel,” the white, meaty part of the coconut beneath the shell. Its unique, nutritional profile is a game-changer for anyone mindful of their health.

Unknown Health Benefits:

  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which helps fight bacteria and makes it extremely difficult for viruses and fungi to survive. 
  • A component in coconut oil has been found to  Increase good cholesterol content in body,
  • It appears to preserve insulin which results in controlling blood sugar.
  • It reduces obesity and weight loss problems.
  • As it penetrates more than mineral oils, it makes hair shiner.

Fatty Acids in Coconut:

Coconut Oil is the only oil which is chlolestrol free, and about 85% of fats in coconut oil is of medium chain tryglycerides which is very good for our body.It is the only food product which containts three fatty acids namely,

  • Capric Acid 
  • Caprylic Acid
  • Lauric Acid

Lauric Acid:

     Lauric Acid seems to morph the characteristics of Breast Milk which is impossible in any food items, plants. The common term is named as monolaric, which helps to stimulate antiviral, antibacterial properties in our body.




1 Comment(s)

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